A Well Kept Secret: How To Add (More) Value To Biomass

A Well Kept Secret: How To Add (More) Value To Biomass
There is an amazing variety of products in which furfural naturally occurs or that can be made from furfural and are used in e.g. automotive industry, agriculture, pharma, etc.
Furfural is one of the oldest chemicals made from biomass. It has been commercially made since 1922 and is today recognised as one of the most import biobased chemical building blocks

During a presentation of a feasibility study on the Integration of Furfural Production into a Sugar Mill, a client recently conclude that ..

“it’s really not rocket science!”

Their mill also produces ethanol, co-generates electricity and they are now looking at processing trash/leaves, as green cane harvesting is being introduced.

The technology risk is low, but the bottom-line impact is high, when integrating furfural production to beneficiate residues from processing crops such as:




Sunflower Seeds,



Sweet Sorghum,

Sugarcane or

Forest residues

Generally, we have found that an investment in the addition of furfural production has returns (IRR) of over 25% and the payback period is below 4 years.

“Why are there not many more furfural producers?”

There are several answers to this question and DalinYebo would look forward to an opportunity to share them with your organisation …


 … more: see original article at DalinYebo.com

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