"Green Wood" Alternative to Tropical Hardwood

Kebony Cladding (www.kebony.com)
Kebony Cladding (www.kebony.com)
 Furfural is behind an environmentally-friendly alternative with similar properties to tropical hardwood.

Kebony’s unique alternative to wood: Kebony, a Norwegian company,  specialises in impregnated pine and maple wood (with furfuryl alcohol), suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor projects. By presenting its product as a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, Kebony hopes to expand its consumer base as it forages into the USA. Established in 1997 and launched in the USA in 2010, it is a relatively new addition to the flooring community, but Kebony is taking strides to stand out thanks to its modification process and international expansion (www.fcw1.com).

 It is hoped this new, sustainable material could provide an alternative not only to tropical hardwood, but also to other building materials such as plastic, metal and concrete.

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23 October 2014: Kebony invests Euro 8 million for international expansion

The demand for Kebony’s wood has steadily increased over recent years and the company has seen average growth of 30% p.a. in the last five years as it has expanded to meet the increasing need for high performance wood whilst protecting tropical forests. Conservation is not just a passing consumer trend, it is now mandated by law – the EU timber legislation came into effect in March 2013, which bans illegal forestry products from entering the market …  (www.lesprom.com).

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