Furfural-based Bioresins for Fiber-reinforced Bioplastics

Hot compression moulded natural-fibre-reinforced composites
“Natural Fibres + Poly(Furfurly Alcohol)= Light weight structural panels”

Generic structure of PFA

Poly(Furfuryl Alcohol), PFA, is obtained from a condensation polymerisation of furfuryl alcohol (FA). FA is made from furfural, which is manufactured from a variety of biomass.

Biomass-based furan resins are mainly known in the foundry industry. In addition, user-friendly furan resin systems have been developed for variety of composite applications [1]. Besides the use in the automotive industry, PFA composites have a high thermal stability and could also be used in interior of aircraft cabins, internal fittings for buildings, rail carriages or in the built environment [2].

Some fibre-reinforced PFA options:

Cellulosic fibre, e.g.: flax, hemp, sisal, bagasse or wood

Non-woven cellulose fibres

Carbon fibres or glass fibres

Mineral or graphite filler for use as a cementing binder for chemical resistant polymer concrete.

Eco-friendly thermo-stable bioresin:

PFA blended with lignin increases the biocomposite resin’s strength[3]


[1] Application of novel furan resins in composites, Dr. IR. Hans E. Hoydonckx, & Dr. IR. Wim M. Van Rhijn, Transfurans Chemical.

[2] Kumar, R and Anandjiwala, R. 2009. Flax reinforced thermoset composites from poly(furfuryl alcohol). 11th International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-25 September 2009, pp 1-20


It is demonstrated how value-added products can be produced from furfuryl alcohol and lignin to enhance the biomass conversion economy. Poly(furfuryl alcohol) (PFA) is obtained from pentosan-rich biomass whereas lignin is a by-product of pulp and paper, and bioethanol industries (http://bit.ly/1i9nrNU).

[3] Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, Volume 299, Issue 5, pages 552–559, May 2014:  Renewable-Resource-Based Green Blends from Poly(furfuryl alcohol) Bioresin and Lignin.

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Since 2001, DalinYebo provides knowhow:

On the markets to convert biomass to furfural and its value added chemical products and applications, which are used in industries such as steel, wood, pharmaceutical, automotive, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, etc.

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For owners of biomass we offer technology and market access, creating investment opportunities in the cleantech space.

The essential technical challenge facing us, and the world in general, is the complete beneficiation of cellulosic material. We strive to provide viable and practical solution. Contact us to discuss the economic potential of your biomass.

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