Furfural: A Basis For Good Profits

Furfural: A Basis For Good Profits

Furfural Profit Graph

Despite lower furfural sales, combined revenue from downstream products contributed R146.7 million to the operating profit.

Even when the sales are down, downstream profits increased year-on-year by 24% as a result of the higher production levels and improved furfural prices. Collectively, all value added by-products (incl. ethanol and lactulose) contributed R146.7 million to the operating profit.

Pricing for furfural products has remained positive in 2011/12 and we derived increased returns in this market, enhanced by a reputation for the reliable supply of high quality products.

2011/12 saw a 21% increase in production (2011: 15,900 t furfural and 9,000 t furfuryl alcohol) and about half of the 19,220 t of furfural was converted to 10,960 t of furfuryl alcohol.

The following are furfural by-products: Furfuryl alcohol, diacetyl, 2.3-pentanedione, Crop Guard® (nematicide), MultiGuard Protect® (nematicide and fungicide) and BioMass Sugar® (organic fertiliser, phytofortifier or soil improver).

Source: Illovo.co.za

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