Biorefining: The Low-risk Opportunities to Produce Furfural

Completed Projects (
“Why it is not Rocket Science: The Masterkey to the Furfural Business”

We have previously reported on:

The Masterkey to the furfural business and

Why the production of furfural is not Rocket Science.

In the presentation below, we showcase the last 12 projects with links to the summaries of our consulting activities (business plans, feasibility studies, concept plans, project development plans, etc.)

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Since 2001, DalinYebo provides knowhow:

On the markets to convert biomass to furfural and its value added chemical products and applications, which are used in industries such as steel, wood, pharmaceutical, automotive, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, etc.

For the agri (biomass) processing, sugar, pulp&paper, etc. industries, we provide knowhow and technology to convert (residual) biomass to chemicals and energy.

For owners of biomass we offer technology and market access, creating investment opportunities in the cleantech space.

The essential technical challenge facing us, and the world in general, is the complete beneficiation of cellulosic material. We strive to provide viable and practical solution. Contact us to discuss the economic potential of your biomass.


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