Add More Value to Sugarcane Bagasse (& Trash)

Add More Value to Sugarcane Bagasse (& Trash)
Add More Value to Sugarcane Bagasse (& Trash)
Benefit from the growing demand for biobased chemicals

All the headlines sound very similar. Like the following:

“Global Bioplastics Market Growth of 29% CAGR by 2020” (

DalinYebo’s Comment:The furfural industry is the oldest bio-based chemicals business (Furfural was discovered in the 19th century and has been commercially made since 1922!). Today, furfural is regarded as one of the top 30 building blocks for bio-based chemistry (e.g. used in and for plastics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, ag-chem., fuels, etc.)

Our Observation: Traditional Industries Are Missing Out!

Since 1999, billions of dollars have been successfully invested in the development of new biobased industries (biorefineries & biobased products), which already have created millions of new jobs (and profits!). The global sugar and pulp & paper industries operate some of the oldest biorefineries, but they have (in our humble opinion) shied away from leading any of these developments (from the front), even though they have plenty of the most important biorefining ingredient at their disposition: BIOMASS FEEDSTOCK.

On the other side, some of the most profitable furfural production units are integrated into a sugar or a pulp mill, but there have been no significant investment in that sector since the 1980s. One of hte explanations is that furfural production from bagasse is a “profitable” business and that is one of the best kept secrets which was independently validated as part of an MBA program by a German univeristy.

“Furfural” is a lucrative niche market and it is growing. We started technology development in 1998. Since 2001, DalinYebo has been facilitating access to these markets and supported corporations that are interested in diversifying into or building a new bio-based chemicals business platform. Basically, we are able to connect all the missing dots to create a sustainable, bio-based revenue stream for sugar and pulp millers.

Furfural production is also an ideal addition to an existing electricity co-generation plant, as it optimises the use of waste-energy and improves the calorific value of the biomass used for co-generation (by >5%). Integration of furfural production into an existing mill adds additional value to bagasse (and trash!) and, like one our clients quite correctly observed, ..

Furfural from bagasse offers a




than from electricity generation.


itsnotrocketscienceposter760x1076Have a look at the poster below or allow us to engage with you with the view of making you a proposal on the development of a furfural business.

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