Furfural to petroleum refinery diesel and jet fuels

Production of renewable petroleum products from furfural
“Researchers have demonstrated how to convert furfural into a high-quality petroleum refinery feedstock. “

The principles for converting the furfural are shown in the above block flow diagram, using a four-step catalytic process:

  1. furfural (FAF) to furfural–acetone (2:1) dimer (i.e. the aldol condensation product of furfural and acetone),
  2. Oli – oligomeric adducts formed by Michael addition reactions,
  3. H-FAF – hydrogenated furfural–acetone (2:1) dimer,
  4. Cyc – cyclic compounds formed by hydrogenation and Diels–Alder reactions.

Click here to access the full article from the team, which is led by James Dumesic and George Huber (University of Wisconsin-Madison): “Production of renewable petroleum refinery diesel and jet fuels feedstocks from hemicellulose sugar streams”.

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