Cob.Trade™ Survey

Cob.TradeLogo128Background: We’re building a trading and information platform for maize cobs and other biomass. A Cob.Trade™ test site is available (go to http://Cob.Trade). It was designed to manage the feedstock supply for a GreenEnergyPark™ (agro-biomass processing hub).

This survey: We are planning the setting-up of a pilot project and in order to identify the most suitable area, we seek your response to the following 5 points:

1. Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the statements below. After the grain has been removed from the cobs .. *
2. How likely are you to support the idea of (co-)harvesting the cobs?
3. Based on its calorific value and a coal-equivalent price, cobs could get up to R400/t (delivered to a power plant). At what price range would you sell the cobs?
4. Any comments or suggestions you wish to share with us (e.g. how much maize do you harvest per year or is harvested in your area)?
5. Please indicate your location (in South Africa): *
Confirm letters/numbers: