Biomass.Market™ Survey

Background: Our Cob.Trade™ project (see http://Cob.Trade) was accepted by the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP), which is supported by GEF (Global Environment Facility), UNIDO (the United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and TIA (the Technology Innovation Agency, South Africa). During the GCIP market validation stages we identified the need to accelerate our plans for the inclusion of the trading of other biomass and to facilitate multiple buyers.

This survey: We now wish to identify one or two specific areas (biomass type and region) that would have the strongest interest for the first roll-out Biomass.Market™ (see http://Biomass.Market) . Your response to the survey below would help us :

1. Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the statements below (NB: By biomass we refer to lignocellulosic matter such as wood, corncobs, oat hulls, rice or sunflower husks, etc.): *
2. Give us an idea of what you do:*
3. Out of 10, how useful would a regional, internet-based biomass market place be for you or your business. It would allow you to directly sell, bid or buy biomass via an app, a desktop computer or a good old fashoin telephone call to a trader that will place your buying or selling order ... and then arrange the logistics to move, store or process the biomass?*
4. Any comments or suggestions you wish to share with us (e.g. what type and how much biomass you have or is in your area)?
5. Please indicate your location (in South Africa): *
Confirm letters/numbers:


NB: Do you have Maize Cobs? Here’s a link to the Maize Cobs Survey!